Tree Lopping Services Bankstown


Tree & Stump Removal Bankstown

Many people call us to discuss the process of having a tree removed and many are surprised to learn that council approval is required. Such information can be found on the tree removal bankstown page of the bankstown city council website.

As far as pruning or removing trees from your property goes, any native tree requires permission from the local government council. Most councils are fairly strict about this policy and will only approve it if one of the following conditions is met.

  • The tree has become so large that the roots are growing into and destroying structures or services
  • The tree has become so large that branches are growing into and destroying structures or services
  • The tree is creating a hazard whereby a falling branch could harm residents or passing members of the public
  • The tree is rotton or has ‘Tree Cancer’
  • The tree needs to be removed to make way for an approved development

When selecting a tree removal company, you should firstly make sure that all the relevant qualifications and insurances are in place. In New South Wales this includes Certificate 3 in Arborculture and public liability insurance. You should also be aware that many companies performing these works don’t have it, so do you research first. You see our certificates here


Need a tree removed in bankstown?

Shane’s Tree have been operating in the Sydney / Bankstown area for over 35 years and have the tools, equipment and experience necessary to tackle any size job with any type of access requirements. We offer the follwing services:

  • Complete tree removal
  • Tree lopping, pruning or trimming of troublesome or dangerous limbs and branches
  • Creation of wood chip mulch for more efficient removal and reusability
  • Free wood chip mulch delivery anywhere within 20 minutes of bankstown city council area
  • Arborist reports for council approvals
  • Free quotes and advice on any tree removal or application

There are few people in the business with our level of expertise, so call us today 0422 927 381

DOWNLOAD tree removal application from Bankstown city council

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