How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree in Sydney?

So you’ve just had your application approved by council and now its time to find out prices for tree removal in Sydney. You have come to the best page, because we are not only going to explain how tree services costs are calculated, but we will provide you with an accurate Tree Removal Calculator that will give an estimate inline with our real tree removal quotes.

Our aim in developing the Tree Removal Estimate Calculator is not only to provide our potential clients with a useful resource, but also prove our commitment to fair, consistent and value for money quoting.

Before using the Calculator, read the information below to help you understand the variables in Tree Removal Pricing.

What factors affect Tree Removal Prices?

  • Size of the Tree– A larger tree requires more man power to bring it down, higher load on equipment and costs are much higher to dispose of the waste compared to a smaller tree
  • Type of Tree– Tree waste may need to be disposed of differently for different species (ie cannot be recycled), and large hardwood trees may be more time consuming to process than a small softer tree
  • Condition of the Tree– Tree that have disease or significant rot are often to risky for our arborists to climb, which usually means we need equipment such as cranes or cherry pickers to bring it down safely, adding to your costs
  • Access– If the tree is located around the back of a property where we cannot position our trucks and chippers, then it either has to be manually handled to the street or lifted using machinery. Other access considerations include stairs and obstacles, vertical aspect of the property (may be to steep to carry waste to front), waterfront tree removal requiring barge access, Tree limbs positioned over house or structures that prevent limbs from being dropped by a climber and must be lifted by crane. Variations in access and equipment / manpower needed will make the most variations in your tree services quote.

Other Tree Service Cost Considerations

  • Emergency – If we need to call out staff to attend to emergency situations such as fallen trees from a storm then this would normally always result in extra costs
  • Tipping Fees / Waste Removal – Most contractors will bill separately for waste removal. factors that effect the cost or tree waste removal include the suburb you are in and the type of tree waste being generated. If you request to have the tree waste left in location for example then you will not incur an extra cost for this. Our tree costs calculator take waste removal into consideration.


Stump Removal

Your Tree Removal Quote will generally not include the cost of removing the tree stump, unless otherwise stated. We always recommend removing the stump as it may sprout new branches and get in the way of your newly created yard space. It also just looks a lot better. Speak to us about including the cost to remove the stump in your main quote.

Stump Grinding

Our preferred and fastest method of stump removal is with our stump grinder. This machine will grind the stump into very small wood chips that can be used as garden mulch, leaving a finished height at just below ground level, meaning it cannot been seen and there are no remaining trip hazards.


Click here to calculate a Tree Removal Quote

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