Palm Tree Cleaning and Removal

Palm trees can really enhance the look of an area giving that relaxed tropical feel and they really stand out from native australian trees which adds to the effect. When they grow tall they can really start to become a problem as foliage dropping from them can cause really damage to surrounding property as well as being extremely messy.

If you have ever tried to cut down a palm tree on your own you will know how difficult this task is, as the trunk is usually sharp and spiky where the previous branches fell from, and the weight in the trunk much higher than you would expect.

Shane’s Trees having been pruning and removing palm trees for over 35 years. Our team of fully qualified cert III arborists, full public liability insurance and unbeatable customer service and value make us the easy choice for your tree maintenance needs.

Where space is on our side, our favored palm tree removal technique is to climb the tree using spikes and a harness. We use a handsaw to remove the lower branches and foliage then rope the chainsaw to the top and start cutting the tree down piece by piece. The pieces of trunk can be dropped to the ground if there are no surrounding structures or gardens that can be damaged, but if there is then we use a rope and pulley system to lower the pieces to the ground under control.

For palm tree cleaning our experienced tree climbers will ascend the tree with climbing spikes a harness and handsaw, paying particular attention to not damaging the trunk and leaving branch removal cuts as neat as possible.

If you would like to get a palm tree removal quote, then leave your details in any of the contact forms or call or SMS us today.

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Tree Removal Company Liverpool

Tree removal liverpool

Looking for a qualified Arborist in the Liverpool local government area?

Shane’s Trees are based in the sutherland shire and have provided our tree removal liverpool services for 35 years. We pride ourselves do doing the very best quality of work for our clients including cleanliness, minimal disturbance to surrounding gardens and structures, safety, attention to detail and value. Our team offer some of the most competitive tree removal quotes in sydney, and you can use our online quote form to get the fastest quotes online, sometimes in less than an hour!

Our Tree services include but are not limited to:

We conduct tree services on all property types including commercial, industrial, government and domestic.

For more information on removing a tree in Liverpool city council click here

Why Use an Experienced Tree Removal Company?

Many people think cutting down a tree is as simple as grabbing a chainsaw and felling it where ever it falls. In residential and commercial areas this is just not possible due to surrounding structures such as homes, garages, gardens, cars and of course people. Even a small tree branch carries enough weight to do serious damage or even cause death to a bystander, so tree pruning and removal should only be attempted by those qualified to do so.

One of the premier skills in a tree loppers arsenal is the ability to climb trees and safely manage the removal of branches, or slowly bring the whole tree to the ground. Tree climbing takes many years of practice as there are countless knots and roping techniques, a healthy respect for heights, using a chainsaw from a rope and an arborists intuition on which branches are best to bring down first. The tree climber is also backed up by an experienced ground crew who control safety ropes, drums and pulleys and assist bringing pieces of tree to the ground without damage or injury. Everyone in a tree removal team plays their part and this is why you should never tackle these jobs by yourself.

If you are after free advice on a potential tree removal project or are ready for a quote, leave your details in the contact form and we will get back to you in a matter of minutes.

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Tree Services St George

tree cutting st george

Shane’s tree have been proudly supplying our tree removal services in the St George area for over 35 years. We are a fully qualified and insured arborist company that take pride in our high attention to detail and strict adherence to safety policies and procedures.

We always go the extra mile to ensure all jobs are completed well above our clients expectations, the job site is left cleaner than when we arrived and without any damage to surrounding buildings and structures .. This is the Shane’s Trees quality guarantee.


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Tree Removal Application

To remove any native flora in the southern Sydney St George region you must have a local council approval. All introduced species can be removed by a qualified arborist without requiring approval.  Links to the relevant council websites in the st george region can be found below:

Tree removal Hurstville | Tree removal Rockdale |

On many Occasions local councils will not give permission to completely remove a healthy tree unless it poses a risk to surrounding structures or persons. Common reasons for allowing a tree to be removed is it has been storm damaged or has ‘Tree Cancer’, which could include termite infestation or rot.

Stump Grinding St George

Any tree removal jobs will always leave the base of the tree in the ground, which is undesirable in most cases. While there are many techniques for tree stump removal, none are faster and more effective than using a stump grinder. Stump grinding machines are usually petrol powered engines on a portable frame with wheel or tracks. The engine drives a heavy duty cutting wheel that chips away at the tree stump until it has all turned to wood chips. These wood chips can then be easily removed from site and the tree stump is gone. Most tree stumps can be removed using this method in less than a day.  Our team have all the equipment to handle any stump removal St George / and other southern sydney suburbs.

The southern sydney st george area includes the following suburbs and local council areas: Allawah, Arncliffe, Banksia, Bardwell Park, Bardwell Valley, Bexley, Bexley North, Beverley Park, Beverly Hills, Blakehurst, Brighton-Le-Sands, Carlton, Carss Park, Connells Point, Dolls Point, Hurstville, Hurstville Grove, Kingsgrove, Kogarah, Kogarah Bay, Kyeemagh, Kyle Bay, Lugarno, Monterey, Mortdale, Narwee, Oatley, Peakhurst, Peakhurst Heights, Penshurst, Ramsgate, Ramsgate Beach, Riverwood, Rockdale, Sandringham, Sans Souci, South Hurstville, Sydney Airport, Turrella, Wolli Creek

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Tree Lopping Services Bankstown


Tree & Stump Removal Bankstown

Many people call us to discuss the process of having a tree removed and many are surprised to learn that council approval is required. Such information can be found on the tree removal bankstown page of the bankstown city council website.

As far as pruning or removing trees from your property goes, any native tree requires permission from the local government council. Most councils are fairly strict about this policy and will only approve it if one of the following conditions is met.

  • The tree has become so large that the roots are growing into and destroying structures or services
  • The tree has become so large that branches are growing into and destroying structures or services
  • The tree is creating a hazard whereby a falling branch could harm residents or passing members of the public
  • The tree is rotton or has ‘Tree Cancer’
  • The tree needs to be removed to make way for an approved development

When selecting a tree removal company, you should firstly make sure that all the relevant qualifications and insurances are in place. In New South Wales this includes Certificate 3 in Arborculture and public liability insurance. You should also be aware that many companies performing these works don’t have it, so do you research first. You see our certificates here


Need a tree removed in bankstown?

Shane’s Tree have been operating in the Sydney / Bankstown area for over 35 years and have the tools, equipment and experience necessary to tackle any size job with any type of access requirements. We offer the follwing services:

  • Complete tree removal
  • Tree lopping, pruning or trimming of troublesome or dangerous limbs and branches
  • Creation of wood chip mulch for more efficient removal and reusability
  • Free wood chip mulch delivery anywhere within 20 minutes of bankstown city council area
  • Arborist reports for council approvals
  • Free quotes and advice on any tree removal or application

There are few people in the business with our level of expertise, so call us today 0422 927 381

DOWNLOAD tree removal application from Bankstown city council

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City Council / Local Government Tree Removal

If you are a Councillor or local government representative looking for qualified tree contractors then look no further. Shane’s Trees can tick all the boxes you are looking for particularly with regards to safety, qualifications and processes. We have built a culture of safety and awareness which we continuously improving upon everyday and can offer piece of mind to councils looking to hire contractors.

Consider the following benefits of using us a contractor:

  1. Daily safety tool box meetings with emphasis on processes and risk mitigation
  2. 2-3 hour safety meeting every monday morning
  3. PPE must be worn onsite including helmets, eye shields, nylon chainsaw pants, high vis, steel cap boots
  4. Only certified climbers used
  5. We hold current certificate 3 in arborculture
  6. Public liability insurance to the sum of 20 million ( See Certificate)

We are proud to have a culture of continuous improvement with regards to safety. We have a ‘Stop Work’ policy where anyone onsite has the right to stop works immediately if they see potential hazards, regardless of experience or their position in the company. We also encourage all staff to conduct safe performance self assessment SPSA or JSA’s, before carrying out new tasks as every tree job and work site is different and can carry different sets of risk.

For more information or to discuss potential contracts, call shanes trees on 0422 927 381

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Shane’s Tree Removal Sydney

arborist Reports

Tree Removal Sydney

 Getting rid of an Unwanted Tree

Don’t know where to start? Cutting down these large statures can be a risky venture and should only be attempted by professional arborists with the right equipment, permits and skills. Most of the time you will also need to have Council Permission to remove a tree from your property. Shane’s trees are experts in their field and can help you determine weather your tree qualifies for tree removal Sydney. Some examples of situations where the council will give permission to remove a tree are as follows:

tree loppers sydney

  • It is likely to cause substantial property damage to houses or buildings

  • There is substantial evidence that it is structurally unstable and there is a high degree of hazard (arborist report and testing may be required for significant trees)

  • It is causing substantial and continuing structural damage to a dwelling or structure (structural engineering assessment may be required)

  • If it is in poor and declining health (with a short life expectancy) and there are no options to mitigate the decline in health


After having a tree removed from your property there will always be a stump left in the ground. This is also true if you have a rotten or diseased tree blow over in strong winds or other circumstances. Anyone who tried to remove a stump before knows this is a very difficult task as digging it out is nearly impossible, thanks to an established tree root system and burning is not always possible. Our arborist’s use a Stump Grinding machine for this task which is basically a large grinding flywheel connected to a powerful machine engine.


We offer professional tree services sydney and have done so for the past 35 years. We have all the tools and equipment to tackle any size tree with any type of access constraints. Shane’s Trees  have qualified arborists and we only let experienced climbers carry out our tree lopping sydney. From Tree pruning, trimming, snipping, removal, crown raising and reduction, arborist reports, free wood chip delivery, quotes and advice, you can’t go past our team

Shane’s Trees would love to help you with your arborist report. call us on 0422 927 381


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Tree Reports and Inspection

tree arborist reports sydney

There are a few reasons you may need a tree inspection report and the main ones are you are hoping to have a dangerous tree removed or you have a development application lodged with council and you need the accompanying documentation. Councils require arborist reports to prove the condition of a tree before giving approval to have it modified or removed.

Inline with the environmental protection act, local councils need to have confirmation that tree’s are in bad repair before giving approval to remove a tree. In australia, just about all natives trees and vegetation are protected and hence require the evidence of an arborist tree inspection report. Most introducted species can be removed without council approval. If you are having trouble identifying a tree species or need help with a tree removal application, you can give us a call and we will be glad to assist.

Shane’s tree have all the necessary qualifications to conduct professional tree assessment by law which includes:

  • Certificate II in Horticulture (Arboriculture) for tree climbers and arborist ground crews
  • Certificate III in Horticulture (Arboriculture) For supervising tree work
  • Workers compensation insurance (WIC code 95250)
  • Current public liability insurance
tree removal company

professional tree reports sydney

Tree Arborist Reports Sydney

Wondering if you need a professional arborist report? below is a list of reasons you may require a professional tree inspection.

  • Annual tree inspection program: used by investors and kept on a database
  • Arborcultural impact report: Necessary for developers when applying to council for Development approval
  • Mortguage or Insurance quotation: Used by homeowner applying for or updating insurance policies
  • Tree preservation order: If you are a homeowner you may have received one of these from your local council

What will be included in my tree report?

  • Faults or damage to the tree rendering it unsafe / unsuitable
  • Disease or pests causing cancer to the tree
  • Method of assessment
  • the type and species of the tree
  • recommended actions and justification for removal
  • Conclusions supported by documented evidence
  • written and photographic report

Shane’s Trees would love to help you with your arborist report. call us on 0422 927 381

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